Economics Capped Major Application

Transfer students must be a declared major in the Department of Economics at the time of admission to UC San Diego. Transfer students with a declared major in another department will not be able to declare a major in the Department of Economics (including double majors) at any time.

Eligibility Criteria
Students admitted to UC San Diego, as freshmen may be eligible to apply for entry to a major in the Department of Economics. Students must meet specific course, grade, and quarter limitation criteria to be eligible to apply.
To review a complete list of criteria for entry into a major in the Department of Economics, visit the visit the Entry to the Majors page on the Department's website.

Application Process and Deadlines
For more information about the application deadlines (fall, winter, and spring quarters only), and the review process, see the Entry to the Majors page.

It is critical you meet the deadlines below. You will be notified on the VAC (Virtual Advising Center) when a final decision has been made.
Status Closed
Term FA18
Open to students to apply 11/26/2018
Student's deadline to apply or make changes 12/07/2018
Department message applicants decisions (Approved / Denied) 01/07/2019-01/11/2019
Student first day to accept or decline offer 01/07/2019
Student's deadline to accept or decline offer. Missing the deadline is considered a decline. 02/21/2019
The application link will be available during the above stated timeframe.