Jacobs School of Engineering Capped Major Application

Eligibility Criteria
Students who have completed the necessary screening criteria for the department and major they are interested in applying to are eligible. Please contact the department you are interested in applying to via the VAC if you have questions regarding eligibility criteria. All deadlines are strictly enforced and decisions are final.

Department Process Periods
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Application Process and Deadlines
It is critical you meet the deadlines below and check your VAC message
Status Registration Closed Closed
Term SU18 SP18
Open to students to apply 06/18/2018 03/26/2018
Student's deadline to apply or make changes 07/01/2018 04/06/2018
Department message applicants decisions (Approved / Denied) 07/02/2018-07/13/2018 04/11/2018-04/19/2018
Student first day to accept or decline offer 07/02/2018 04/11/2018
Student's deadline to accept or decline offer. Missing the deadline is considered a decline. 07/22/2018 04/27/2018